To support initiatives, programs and projects to improve and promote the quality of life in the St. Johns Area.

Founded in 2009 by a committee of dedicated citizens, 49 charter members contributed $14,700 to initiate the Endowment Fund.

The Fund is set up as an endowment, which is basically a financial investment of which the earnings are used to fund the mission so that the funds will be used to fulfill the purpose of the SJACF in perpetuity. The endowment funds are held at the Capital Region Community Foundation.


Our most recent goal to build the St. Johns Area Community Fund Endowment to $500,000 was reached in Feb. 2020, resulting in annual distributions for current use of at least $20,000, year after year, forever.


An endowment allows us to create a future, permanent, sustainable income base for our community's unknown future needs. No board, current or future, may invade the fund beyond the annual distribution allowance.

Our current endowment fund provided $18,355 for distribution in 2020. Meeting this goal has made our community organization an impactful force for the future of our community.



The SJACF is proud to announce a sub-fund to the community endowment fund called The St. Johns Area Children's Fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide support to qualified organizations in their efforts to improve social, economic and educational experiences and outcomes for St. Johns Area children and youth in need.

Gifts to the Children's Fund may be designated to go into the endowment, which will allow the principal to grow and provide annual distributions, or donors may designate their gift be available for current use rather than added to the endowment. Gifts made to the Children's Fund will be endowed unless otherwise directed. Endowed funds are held at the Capital Region Community Foundation, separate from the SJACF endowment, and are restricted for use as explained above.

Grants made from the Children's Fund will be restricted to the needs of children and youth.

Organizations interested in applying for a Children's Fund grant are requested to follow the same guidelines as for a Community Fund grant. Please email info@sjacf.org for more information.

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St. Johns Area Children's Fund