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About St. Johns Area Community Fund

Founded in 2009 by a committee of dedicated citizens, 49 charter members contributed $14,700 to initiate the St. Johns Area Community Fund. The Fund has since grown to more than $600,000.


The ongoing mission of the Fund, as it was set up, is to support initiatives, programs and projects to improve and promote the quality of life in the St. Johns Area, which is roughly equivalent to the boundaries of the St. Johns Public School District. (Learn more about how grant funds have been used and grant application guidelines here.)


Currently, the volunteer board of directors consists of 13 members from the community plus one high school student. Governed by a set of bylaws, directors serve no more than three consecutive 3-year terms. Student members serve one year.



  • Alan Harr, Chairperson

  • Dana Beaman, Secretary

  • Jeffrey Nobis, Treasurer

  • Amy Barrett

  • Meredith Goodman

  • Ken Perrin

  • Edward Jackson

  • Jessica Koenigsknecht

  • Kate Upton

  • Eddie Peters

  • Scott Purtill

  • Lily Sackrider Student Member

St.Johns Area Community Fund is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization


St. Johns Area Community Fund

St. Johns, MI 48879


Email:  •  989-224-7823

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